Joint Masters - Mrs Joan Williams and Ms Jo Riley

The Joint Masters are in overall control of the Hunt.

Our Huntsman - Aidan Beaney

Aidan has joined us from the Bedale May 2019.

Whippers-In - Mr Andrew Doran, Mrs Heidi Critchlow

Andrew helps Aidan in the kennels and on the hunting field. Heidi has assisted the Barlow for over 20 years as an amateur whip.

Records exist of hounds being kept at the village of Barlow at the end of 17th Century. These will have been a ‘harrier’ type of hound hunting both hare & fox. They will have been maintained by the local farming community and ‘trencher fed’. The hounds were first kennelled during the Mastership of Mr. William Wilson in 1878.

In 1900 when Major Wilson took on the Mastership, it was decided that hounds would only hunt the fox & the hunt was accepted by the M.F.H.A. in 1907 as a recognised pack of foxhounds.

Masters of The Hunt

The first mention of a Master is in 1810 when Mr. Thomas Shemwell commenced his Mastership which ran for 30 years. When Mr. Shemwell relinquished the Mastership he handed over to another long serving Master, Mr. Edward Wilcockson who was Master from 1840 until 1851. Mr. Wilcockson handed over to the Barnes Family, Messrs E & A Barnes being Joint Masters until 1856.

When the Mastership was relinquished by Messrs Barnes the hounds were managed by members of the Hunt Committee for a number of years.

Mr. William Wilson took on the Mastership & kennelled the hounds at his own property at Horsley Gate in 1878. Mr. Wilson’s 1st term of Mastership only lasted 2 seasons, he then handed over to the Barnes family who resumed the Mastership, this time being Messrs A.G & T.H. Barnes, two seasons before handing over again to Mr. Wilson.

Mr. Wilson’s 2nd term as Master started in 1882 & on this occasion continued for nine seasons before relinquishing the Mastership to Mr. W. Harrison for two seasons before returning for a 3rd term from 1895 until 1900. In 1900 Major Wilson, Mr. William Wilson’s son, succeeded his father as Master & continued until his death in 1956.

Major Wilson was succeeded by his daughter Miss Elsie Wilson whose Mastership continued until her death in 1988. During her Mastership Miss Wilson was joined in the Mastership first by B. Swain from 1980 until 1982 & then by Mrs. G. Hinckley from 1982 until 1988.

Miss Elsie Wilson was succeeded by her sister Miss Anne Wilson whose Mastership commenced in 1988 until her tragic death in a fire at her home in April 2009. Miss Anne had a number of Joint Masters, Mr. G. Tate 1988 until 1993, Mr. R.T.F. Mitchell 1991 until 1994, Mr. M. Davies 1994 until 1997, Mr. M. Askew 1996 until 2000, Mr. J. Gill 2000 until 2001, Mrs. W. Buttle 2000 until 2002, Mr S.E. Clark 2001 until 2007. Miss Alice Marples joined the Mastership with Miss Anne in 2002 and continued as sole Master until the 2011/12 season. She then stood down as Master, with Mrs Joan Williams and Mr Christopher White taking over as Joint Masters. Ms Jo Riley joined Mrs Joan Williams and Mr Christopher White in May 2018.

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  • Jan Hulley
    commented 2021-12-20 13:05:21 +0000
    As a family we have loved a tradition to come out to watch you setting off on Boxing Day.
    Will you still be operating this year? Will it be usual times?
    Many thanks for reading/ replying – thank you
    Jan Hulley