Fallen Stock Collection

The Barlow Hunt offers a large animal despatch service which is both speedy & dignified.  This is undertaken by our hunt staff who are both sensitive & experienced in this unfortunate but necessary activity.  We would ask that as many animals as possible are delivered to Kennels by arrangement rather than our staff having to collect them. 

Fallen Stock Charges

Barlow Hunt have had to review the charges which have applied to the Fallen Stock Collection since the 1st June 2019.  This decision was made in light of increased costs relating to the skips which are used for the removal of remains and those stock which are not able to be fed to the hounds as well as increased wage and fuel costs.  The cost of skips has now risen by 50% in the past year. 

It will remain substantially cheaper for you to deliver fallen stock to Kennels if you are able to do so. Please note if the fallen stock that is delivered to the kennels or collected cannot be fed the hounds, because it is not fresh, you will be charged more.  

To arrange collection of any stock you are unable to deliver or to arrange humane euthanasia please contact the team at Kennels on 01142 891034 (there is answerphone so please leave a message).  


It assists if payment could be made (cash or cheque made payable to Barlow Hounds) at the time of delivery or collection; payment on account by prior arrangement only. NB. There is no discount for cash payments.

  • Calves - 0—6 months

Delivered £8 (unusable £15)

Collected £25 (unusable(£30)


  • Cattle - 6—24 months/ Stirks/ Mature Deer 

Delivered £25

Collected £60


  • Pigs/Goats

Delivered £50

Collected £70

  • Butchers waste 

      £10 per bag





  • Sheep

Delivered £20

Collected £25 

  • Lambs 

Delivered £8

Bag of lambs £10

Collected £25 minimum charge, then £10 per lamb


If you have any queries then please use the form below.