First Time Out

First Time Out!

If you have never hunted before, you are welcome to join us for one day at a cost of £30 - payable to the Field Secretary on arrival at the meet. Please contact the Field Secretary prior to attending your first day's hunting.

What Do I Wear?

The opening meet is held on the first Tuesday in November. 

You must wear a plain black or blue hunt coat with a white stock, beige jodhpurs and long black boots, light coloured gloves and we recommend hats up to the current standard are worn, in either black or navy.  

Body protectors are worn at your discretion.  Prior to this you should wear a hacking jacket, shirt and tie.

Which Meet?

If you have hunted before and are looking for an exciting day with galloping and jumping you would be advised to attend a meet in the Barlow Valley or Crich areas. If you are nervous or your horse is young you would probably be better to attend a meet out of the valley where things will be less busy and there will be fewer riders out.

Is My Horse Suitable?

Please do not assume that your horse or pony has to be over fit. The number one priority is that he will stand quietly with the other horses, and is controllable when galloping in a group.  If you are not sure how your horse will behave, try to stay at the back of the mounted field, and if you let the Field Secretary or the Field Master know he or she will ensure that that an experienced rider will assist you. Your horse should be neat and tidy and should be plaited after the Opening Meet. If he is young he should have a green ribbon in his tail, if he kicks, then a red ribbon. This is to warn other riders to give you more space.

What days do you hunt?

The Hounds are normally out twice a week - please contact Field Secretary for more details. 

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