Fallen Stock

Horses & Ponies.

Whether it’s just time to say goodbye to a much loved horse or pony, or perhaps a difficult situation that is suddenly thrust upon you, be assured that Aidan and his team will be on call to despatch and remove the animal from your premises as quickly as possible, and in a dignified manner.

World Horse Welfare have issued guidelines for you to plan ahead 'Just in Case', and to enable you to have these things thought through and prepared for, so that you have plans in place when you are stressed or in a panic, or if something should happen while you are away. You should also ensure that your family/yard owners know your wishes.

For more information, please read: http://www.worldhorsewelfare.org/information/just_in_case

Aidan appreciates the agony felt by owners at this difficult time and will manage the situation in an appropriate way.  For horse and pony emergencies only we offer a 24 hour service.  In this case ring 07951863173 or 0114 2891034.


Please help us by making your payment (cash or cheque made payable to Barlow Hounds) at the time of delivery or collection. Confirmation of payment will be sent by request.


Delivered £150

Collected £150 (Injected by a Vet)

Ponies (under 14.2 hh) 

Delivered £80

Collected £80 (Injected by a Vet)


NB. There is no discount for cash payments.

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