How much does it cost?

Mounted Subscribers

If you have never hunted before you are welcome for one day at a cost of £30 payable to the Field Secretary on arrival at the meet. If you have hunted before but you do not want to take out a subscription, you may, on arrangement with the Field Secretary, hunt on two days in any one season on payment of the following cap for any meet - £80 for valley and £40 outside the valley.

If you enjoy the day and want to take more days you can do it in a couple of ways depending on how often you wish to hunt:

  • 5 day Subscription £350 plus a daily cap of £20; Autumn hound exercise £10 cap
  • 10 day Subscription £450 plus a daily cap of £20; Autumn hound exercise £10 cap

If you want to come out on a regular basis, it is more economical to take out a bigger subscription and pay a smaller daily cap.

  • Full Subscription £700 plus daily cap £10 and includes free hunt rides and autumn hound exercise; 2 guests per season with valley cap of £50 and outside the valley cap of £30
  • Farmers Subscription £350 Plus Daily Cap £10 and includes free hunt rides

If you are able to hunt 30 times or more during the season there is the more cost effective option of a roll up cap for £300.


Car & Foot Followers

  • Regular £100 Plus Daily Cap £5
  • Occasional supporter £40 Plus Daily Cap £5


Children & Students (Mounted)

  • 21 years old and under in & Full Time Education - Daily Cap £20 (no subscription)
  • Children - Daily Cap £20 (no subscription)
  • Children on Lead Rein - Led from another horse/pony Cap £5
  • Children on Lead Rein - Led from the ground Cap Zero


All subscriptions can be paid cash or cheque.


Field Secretary: 07713 167778

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