GDPR Privacy Policy

The Barlow Hunt take privacy seriously and have implemented safeguards in line with GDPR requirements to ensure that all data is stored in accordance with current data protection laws.

Data held
The Barlow Hunt retains details of members and supporters in order to update them about the hunts activities and those individuals who need to be advised when the hunt is in their area.

We do not record or store details of credit cards in line with PCIDSS requirements and we have no requirement to & do not record individual’s dates of birth or other personal details other than those required to forward information to the correct address.

Uses of stored data
The Barlow Hunt uses stored data to be able to circulate information regarding hunting dates and social activities to its members and supporters. Also, from time to time, the data may be used to inform members and supporters of how they can support local political activities and other elections, if they wish to do so, in particular if a party or candidate is deemed to be more supportive of country sports and the wider countryside.

It also retains data regarding the owners of land, farmers and shoots in the area in order to update them as to the activities of the hunt to ensure the safety of livestock and to ensure the hunt has the agreement of the individuals involved regarding access to the countryside.

Who we share data with?
The Barlow Hunt will not share database with AN Other without prior permission of the individuals concerned.

How do we protect data?
Our data is held in a database operated by Nationbuilder and has several layers of protection.
Access is restricted to those hunt officials nominated by the Hunt Committee as Data Controllers.

How long do we store data?
Data is stored indefinitely or until the individual concerned ceases to be a member or is no longer relevant to the activities of the hunt.

Your rights in respect of your data
You can at any time request access to the data we hold about you.
You can request that we stop using the data to send information to you.
You can request that we remove all data held with reference to yourself.
Please contact correspondence Secretary and a Data Controller email [email protected]

If our data controller is unable to address your concerns please raise a complaint with our Hunt Chairman Judge Mark Davies – email [email protected] 

If you remain dissatisfied you have the right to contact the Information Commissioner’s Office.